Installing Cisco ACS 5.6 in VMware

Recently I completed the installation of Cisco ACS 5.6 in VMware. These are the steps I followed:

1. Login to your VMware client

2. Right click on the host where you would like to install the new VM

3. Select new virtual machine from the menu

4. Choose the Typical radio button and click Next

5. Give the VM a name and click Next

6. Select a data store with at least 500GB of free space available and click Next

7. Select Linux as the operating system and select ‘Linux 32-bit’ and click Next

8. Select a NIC and click Next

9. Configure a disk size of 500GB and select Thick Provisioned Lazy Zeroed and click Next

10. Check the Edit the VM settings before completion check box and click Next

11. Configure 4GB of Memory and 4 CPU’s

12. Configure the CD/DVD for Client device and check the connected and connect at power on check boxes and click OK

13. Power on the VM

14. Using the toolbar, connect the CD/DVD drive to the Cisco ACS ISO and reboot the VM for the ISO to load

15. Select option 1 at the boot prompt and press Enter

16. Type setup at the login screen to start configuring ACS and enter the required ACS parameters

As part of the setup, you will create a CLI username and password. This account can only be used to login to the CLI.

When you first login to the web interface, you will need to use the below credentials. 

Username: acsadmin

Password: default

You must then licence Cisco ACS.