Microsoft DHCP scope

A quick note on importing and exporting DHCP scopes. Recently I had to create a new DHCP for a new service that was coming onto our network. 

I created the complete scope including excluded IP’s, router address, DNS servers and reservations. Later I found out that we were changing providers and to keep things consistent I had to change the scope. I didn’t want to manually do all that work again just to change a couple of characters in the scope IP, it was very time consuming particularly setting the reservations. 

I found a couple of commands that I could use remotely in command prompt to import and export DHCP configuration.

To export my DHCP scope:

C:\Users\Administrator>netsh dhcp server dump > dhcp-config.txt

Using notepad, I replaced the characters I wanted and saved the config to a new text file.

To import my DHCP scope:

C:\Users\Administrator>netsh exec dhcp-config-new.txt

All of my DHCP config for 5 scopes imported within seconds.