LAN/WLAN High availability

To ensure you have HA, from your access switches have one etherchannel uplink from the top stack switch and another etherchannel uplink from the bottom stack switch. 

In your wireless environment, spread your access points across all stack switches so if one switch is to fail, you haven’t lost complete wireless coverage. Position acccess points in a way to cater to this. 

Etherchannel Modes

Recently I have been looking into the different etherchannel modes.


Active – Active negotiating state

Passive – Passive negotiating state


Desirable – Active negotiating state

Auto – Passive negotiating state

On – Forces an interface into an etherchannel without LACP or PAGP.

For the exchange of packets to take place, you must have one of the below modes.


  • Active – Active
  • Active – Passive


  • Desirable – Desirable
  • Desirable – Auto