Migrating to Cisco ACI from a traditional network

When migrating from a traditional network to Cisco ACI, the following parameters were created and configured;

1. Allow/create the vlan – Fabric – Access policies – Pools – Create the vlan ID and set as a static allocation

2. Create Bridge Domain – Tenants – Tenant x – Bridge Domains – create and set the following parameters; BD and Gateway Address

3. Create EPG – Tenants – Tenant x – Application profiles – EPG – create and set the following parameters; BD, Domains, Static Bindings (Paths) and Contracts

Cisco ACI

This is a good Blog from Cisco showing that with ACI, the debugging process can be simple and quick with real-time visibility into the fabric. 

By examining the healthscore dashboard and app profile from a central managed location, APIC, a corrective action can be taken quickly.